About Us

LeafList is a reputation management and professional networking tool for the cannabis industry.  Private Beta for select industry leaders launched in Fall 2015.

Engineered by Green Lion PartnersLeafList provides users with a reliable metric when choosing to do business within the industry. By incorporating this system and leveraging the strength of their network, members will be able to efficiently target new opportunities with other trusted members of the cannabis community.  When fully open to the public, LeafList will act as a pre-CRM or pre-partnership evaluation of potential colleagues within the cannabis space. Utilize the site to increase your network, connect with fellow industry members in a trusted manner, and work with others to enhance the public perception of this industry.

LeafList is a dynamic and evolving tool. Eventually, it will offer a unique method of communicating requests for new investments, entrepreneurial partnerships, and media interactions within the community. Coupling these communications with the rating system, LeafList aims to further promote sustainable and reputable business practices and increase visibility of those who conduct business in a positive manner. 

Please do not hesitate to provide feedback or connect for potential integration by contacting admin@leaflist.com. All input is welcome as LeafList continues to grow and provide networking ability for the cannabis industry.